May 2016 Devotional Prompts

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QWCDEVOS May Devo Prompts

Intro Notes

As a women who follows Christ, who are you supposed to be? This month’s devotional will help you break down what the word of God says that we should be, and how you can apply to your daily life!

This devotional and this community is all about uniting and encouraging women who desire to be quite the women God has called to be when it comes to being single, relationships, and their daily walk with the Lord while in college or the early stages of their careers.

Be strong – WEEK 1

May 1 – be strong in the Lord and don’t try to be strong on our own. Even when you feel like you’re faced with huge mountains that are right in front of you, never stop saying: “Lord I need YOU to be strong.”

May 2 – being strong doesn’t mean being the “tough” one – rely on the Lord and His abilities. It’s so easy to get into a habit of not wanting to bother other people with our problems or holding it all in. Remember that you are NEVER bothering the Lord when it comes to what you’re going through. Even when you’re having a good day and you’re in a good place in life, you must still look to Him to be the strong one in your life.

May 3 – Even when it comes work or school, it’s not about just trying to push through and make things happen, it’s about leaning on the Lord in absolutely everything. Even when you feel like you have a good handle on your daily tasks or you have a well organized schedule in place, God is still your source of strength. Thank Him for that strength DAILY and never take it for granted!

May 4 – When you make the choice to be strong in the LORD and not strong in your own might, others will notice and you will help inspire them to see what it means to be strong in the Lord, too!

May 5 – Be strong in the Lord when it comes to the way you think about the future. Don’t get so caught up in fear of what might never be. Don’t allow yourself to constantly worry about what you might be faced with in the future. If God was strong enough to carry you through every trial or life experience in the past then surely, He will carry you through today and tomorrow. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Continue to be strong in Him.

May 6 – be strong in your faith when you’re faced with temptation or pressure for others. Just because everyone else is dating that doesn’t mean that you have to. Just because God is opening up doors for friends or family members that doesn’t mean that He has forgotten about you. Don’t fall away from your faith because of what hasn’t happened for you yet…even when everything seems to be happening for everyone else. Be strong in Him.

May 7 – If you don’t feel like you’re able to be strong in whatever you’re going through, remember that it’s not about your ability. Let God’s spirit–the Holy Spirit guide you in being strong.

Be courageous – WEEK 2

May 8 – what is the definition of courageous? How can we look at children of Israel and learn what it means to be courageous?

May 9 – being courageous when it comes to relationships — not succumbing to the pressure to settle and on the other end, not  overlooking a guy’s inner qualities because he only makes a small amount of money or doesn’t look or dress a certain way. Sometimes it’s easy to get pulled into what society says a good match looks like, but God is looking at the heart first and foremost and we should too. Physical attraction isn’t wrong, but it shouldn’t be the basis for how we look at others. Be courageous in being willing to dig deeper. Sometimes we THINK we *only* would ever be attracted to someone who looked or a certain way or we THINK the one guy in the worship band or the one guy at our job is the ideal one for us, but God has the ability to open the eyes of His children and show them more. So don’t be afraid to be courageous and leave behind the way the world says look at someone in exchange for how GOD sees others.

May 10 – be courageous at work or at school! Don’t just go through your routine. Make the most of every opportunity you have with a fellow coworker or classmate. Ask them how they’re day is going. Talk about how good God is. Even when it comes to those difficult people or those people who seem to be fine just minding their own business. Jesus went out of His way to love us and we should make it a point to do the same for others

May 11 – be courageous when it comes to the things you can do for the glory of God. Get out of your comfort zone. Go out of your way to save money to take a mission trip this summer or get involved at senior citizen home or a shelter. Don’t let your comfort zone keep you from being courageous. Keep in mind the very thing you might be thinking: “oh I’m not good at that” just might be the area that God wants you to step out on faith in. Think about when Jesus inviting Peter to walk on water. In his own ability, he was terrified and certain that He couldn’t pull it off. But God used this moment to teach Him how to step out on faith!

May 12 – don’t let your entire life be based upon what others have to say. Listen to what God has to say. Throughout Scripture God appointed many leaders but even those leaders had to listen to Him. Even those leaders had to take HUGE leaps of faith and rely on the Lord. Know this to be true in your own life. God will put people in your life who will be encouragers, teachers, pastors, mentors, and motivators but most importantly, He gave you JESUS, which gives you direct access to Him. So while it’s good to listen to the wisdom and advice of others, more than anyone else, you must listen to the Lord. Whether it be questions about the guy you’re dating, what you need to do about your current job, or where you need to go to school, you have to listen to HIS Word in your life more than any other! And the more you have a relationship with Him and talk to Him on a daily basis, the more you will begin to hear His voice and see His hand in your daily life

May 13 – be courageous and trust Him with the unknown in your life. Perhaps you have no idea what you’re going to do after college or you have no idea when you’re going to get out of the current situation you’re dealing with in your family — whatever it is, don’t try to go to battle on your own. God is on your side and it is so important that you acknowledge this and grow deeper in trusting Him daily.

May 14 – each of us are battling with something. It may be health, it may be relationship-related, finances, school — whatever it is, that battle doesn’t belong to us. That battle belongs to the Lord and we have to act like it! We have to put on the armor of God and the arm of self, because that will only take us so far!

Be ready – WEEK 3

May 15 – Jesus was 12 years old when He went about His Father’s business. It does t take a life time to go about doing the Lord’s work. It doesn’t even take a college degree or a certain amount of money. Whenever you feel like you’re too young or too old or too busy or too shy to start volunteering more at church or getting involved with a ministry in your community, remember hat there’s no long list of things you need to do in order to get started. Start that small group next week. Go spend time with children in a shelter THIS weekend. Call up a friend tonight and ask how you can pray for her. You don’t have to wait! God wants to use you today — so get ready!

May 16 – we do not know what day that Jesus will return, but we DO know that we don’t have any time to waste. So often times it seems like we have all this time left because we’ve had all this time so far, but that’s not true at all. We never know how much time we have! This is why we have to ALWAYS be ready. No matter how may things we have on our to-do list and no matter how many things we feel like we are not capable of doing, we have to be ready to be available to do the work of the Lord. Don’t wait until you’re out of college or till you get promoted at work. Don’t wait until you finally get a house or apartment of your own. God wants to use you TODAY! Be ready to be used by Him at all times.

May 17 – at times you might feel like a number or you might feel like the work you do is insignificant. But when you do, remember this–everything you do for the Lord matters. When you make the choice to be ready and be available for what God has called you to a daily basis, you will be amazed at how God uses you. even if all you’re doing is helping pass out snacks at children’s church in church or you send out a weekly devotional text to a group of your friends, you have to know that what you do is so important, and not because do anything you have done but because what God is doing through you!

May 18 – when you say yes to God, know that God is all about calling His children out their comfort zone. Keep your eyes open for daily opportunities to serve Him. Don’t overlook loving a coworker just because they’re difficult. Don’t keep putting off that book God has put on your heart to write because you’re so afraid it’s not going to be right. God does amazing things when we step out of our comfort zones for Him.

May 19 – being ready to pass the torch and fan the flame. As a believer, you are apart of the body of Christ. But it’s important to remember that even though we have the same goals, that doesn’t mean that we all have the same roles. Sometimes it’s so easy to get so focused on what WE have been called to do and how WE want God to use us that we start to forget that we are apart of a unit and God is using EACH of us. So don’t be discouraged when you see others doing what you feel like you were called to do. That doesn’t mean that there’s no room within the body for you. as you prepare your heart to be ready to do the things that God has called you to do and take advantage of every opportunity He has given you, remember that you’re not in this alone. You’re apart of a unit — the body of Christ!

May 20 – have you ever heard the phrase “hurry up and wait?” Have you ever felt like that when it came to your faith? Have you ever felt like you’ve been giving your all and trusting in the Lord and then you’re still having to wait for weeks or months or years? even though we don’t always know why we have to wait we can know this: just because we have to wait that doesn’t mean that we have to wait around. That doesn’t mean that God isn’t going to reveal amazing things to us and provide for us. It’s so easy to stop serving Him wholeheartedly because we’re tired of waiting. But God wants us to give our all at all times. To serve Him and to make the most of every opportunity even when we’re waiting.

May 21 – be ready to be an example. Your walk with the Lord has more impact than you think. Your servants heart is not overlooks even when no one says thank you or even seems to notice. What’s most important is that God notices everything and He sees the way you live for Him and He will reward that faithfulness. But also, others see it too. You might be around the same few people everyday or you feel like the work you do goes unnoticed. But that’s not the case at all! Other people may NEVER say thank you and even though it might hurt a little to think about it, they may even forget your name–but the way that you served them and loved them and were always ready to be an example of God’s amazing love HAS had an impact on their life. so always be ready. There are no “off days” when it comes to being a servant of the Lord. Always, always, always be ready to serve, to be an example to others, and most importantly, be ready to love.

Be love – WEEK 4

May 22 – Jesus is the ultimate example of love. And if we claim to be followers of Jesus, we must live as followers of this kind of love as well…all the time. We can’t just show love to our friends or the guys we like. We can’t just show love to the people we get along with at church or at work. We have to show love to the aunt or uncle that we have a hard time understanding. We have to show love to the people who talk about is behind our backs and don’t keep their word. This kind of love is much harder…but it’s the kind of love that Jesus gave us.

May 23 – have you ever had someone go out of their way to be time to you? Even if you’ve seen this happen in the lives of something else, someone going out of their way to show love to someone is not only inspiring but moving. It’s an example of what it truly means to experience the love of Jesus. This kind of love is unexpected. Be the kind of woman who is bold enoigh and brave enough to show unexpected love.

May 24 – (Already Written) there are obvious differences between romantic love and brotherly/sisterly love. However, when the love that we show to our brothers and sisters in Christ must also be shown to the person who we are in a relationship with. Love is patient, so we must also be patient when it comes to guys! Even when they love the Lord and are on the right path that doesn’t mean they can just move when we want them to move. Now this doesn’t mean that you should let some guy in your life start consuming all your time without being intentional, but it also doesn’t mean he has to move to worst-person-ever status either.  God doesn’t need you to try and “save” a guy or fix him or prepare him for marriage, but you can show patience. It is wise to not stay in a dating relationship (or a situationship) with someone who isn’t serious about the Lord or you, but again, remember to show love. Don’t let any guy walk over you, but again show love. And sometimes, love is tough. Sometimes you might have to be the one who looks at a dating relationship and realize that he is not ready or you are not ready. Either way, continue to show love. Talk to your pastor or whoever servers as a spiritual leader in your life and invite them to pray with you if you’re struggling with your relationship or marriage, but continue to love. Even when others have hurt us and done terrible things that are non justifiable we still have to remember that while their behavior is by no means inexcusable, Jesus still loves them because he has loved each of us at our worst. So even though we as individuals are not responsible for their salvation and they must learn to know the love of Jesus themselves, no matter what, we CAN choose to not gossip and not automatically think there’s no hope for them. We can instead choose to love them when Jesus loved us…at our darkest.

May 25 – Love by listening. Sometimes, all people need is someone who will take the time to listen. In a world full of chatter, this is not always easy to do, but people need to know they are not alone, and by you taking the time to listen to them, you are taking the time to love them.

May 26 – John 12:32 – Loving your family and the people closest to you is not always easy to do, but it’s so important. Sometimes it’s easy to think of loving perfect strangers or people we’ve never even met but what about your mom? Your sister? Your brother? Your cousin? Jesus showed everyone love and we must do the same. Even if you come from a tough family situation where love is not easily shown or received, remember that it’s not YOUR love that your giving out here—it’s JESUS’ love, and His love can break through any chain, any wall, any hardened heart or circumstance. So don’t be discouraged by your family who just doesn’t “get it” and don’t be disheartened when they don’t seem to understand why you would show them love, grace, and compassion. You don’t have to try an explain it. Just do it, and God will use you to reveal His love to them!

May 27 – When you think about the fact that Jesus’ love extends to everyone, you have to remember that this includes you, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by hundreds of people that you know love you or you’ve never known what it means to be loved at all, the kind of love that Jesus has for you is even greater. As a follower of Christ, you are called to love like Jesus loves…remember that you have to love yourself, too! Remember that you have to learn how to see yourself the way God sees you—as His daughter whom He loves—despite everything, He loves you unconditionally. Go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow morning remembering that you are loved unconditionally. It doesn’t matter who broke up with you or who made you feel like you weren’t good enoughf or them. It doesn’t matter who seemed to be showing you genuine love but you later realized that just wanted something out of you. Whatever it is, remember that as you are showing love to others, you are also loved, too!

May 28 – 1 John 4:12 – You do not have to have a perfect track record of loving other people in order to show love. Scripture reminds us that none of us are perfect, but HE is, and that’s what we have to hold onto when we are showing love to others. Don’t get so hung up on all the times you’ve failed. Ask God for forgiveness and let Him free you to continue loving. Also, remember that you don’t have to be a pastor or a minister or a leader in your church in order to love. You don’t have to wait around for someone to tell you to “go love on that person” in order to make a point to show them love. You don’t have to be the person in charge of an event or the most outgoing person in the room to show unconditional love to others. Even when you feel like you’re not doing a perfect job, remember that it’s not your love that’s being shared here—it’s JESUS’ PERFECT LOVE! This is the kind of love you need to BE about!

Be real – WEEK 5

May 29 – (Already written)

May 30 – 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 – As followers of Christ, none of us are perfect, and we have to be real when it comes to our imperfections. So often times within the body of Christ, we feel as if we have to put on our game face. We feel like we have to smile a certain way and talk about our lives in a certain way. In doing this, sometimes, without even trying, we end up giving our friends and brothers and sisters in Christ a version of ourselves that’s not even real. We don’t want people to know us by our weaknesses or our shortcomings so we hide them away, considering them to be private issues. Of course it’s important to use wisdom in terms of who and how you share your story or what you’re dealing with, but overall, remember to be real. Remember that you don’t have to put on a game face when you’re around certain people or even on social media. Remember that the cross is for real, broken pe ople. Remember that is through Jesus that the Holy Spiirt comes inside of us and gives us strength like never before. No matter how much we try to look like we have it all together and no matter how much we try to just steer away from our flaws on our own, it is only through Jesus that God’s power shines THROUGH our weakness and we are able to real about who we are, where we’ve been, and what God is doing in our lives. Being “real” doesn’t just mean being overly transparent and sharing every little detail about your life with everyone. Realness is embracing the fact that you’re nothing without Jesus and it’s through your weakness, God’s power is perfect. THAT’S what it means to be real. BE that!

May 31 – Ephesians 5:1 – When it comes to who you need to be, the focus is to be an imitator of God! Be an imitator of His love. Be an imitator of what He has provided for you through your relaitonship with Jesus Christ. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by others, but don’t be an imitator of others. Be an imitator of Him and Him alone. This is what it means to be real. This is what it means to be quite the woman God has called you to be!